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The Truth About Fluoride

Despite what the dentists and pediatricians tell us, the credible peer-reviewed evidence is substantial regarding both the relative ineffectiveness of fluoridation and likelihood of causing harm to a significant portion of the public. 


These are what hundreds of studies and thousands of scientists tell us. 

  • If you are African American, Hispanic, Native American or Asian you have approximately double the chance of suffering ill effects.

  • If you have endocrine, autoimmune or inflammatory disease, fluoridation will worsen the symptoms of your illness.

  • If you are pregnant or are feeding your infant formula, your child will be more likely to suffer from a learning disability.


We know that change is hard. We know that the 1950s dentists and pediatricians who advocated for fluoride as a silver bullet to end tooth decay wanted the best for us. We realize those who support Community Water Fluoridation will find it difficult to admit they’ve been wrong.  As it is for many of us who grew up watching toothpaste commercials and singing the praises of fluoride, we will find it difficult to admit we have been told a lie.  However, enacting medical policy isn’t supposed to be based on our emotional belief system but on science. 


Under the current policy, those who want to drink fluoridated water may do so cheaply. However, those who have medical reasons to avoid fluoride or concerns about the risks of ingestion, have no recourse. Once fluoride is in the water, it is in everything.  We are forced to bathe in it and use it to water our gardens where our vegetables and fruits soak it up. We have to think before we drink or eat.  We find it in our lemonade, tea, coffee, soft drinks, juices, soups, and wine.  We find Fluoridation Chemicals in our crackers, cereals, rice, and pasta because these will be heavily contaminated with fluoride when used as a fumigant pesticide.    


Elected Officials, Fluoride mass medication through the water violates medical consent, is unethical, and creates an unfair burden for susceptible populations. We elected you to enact ethical policy that serves the entire population. Encourage folks to brush their teeth and keep the fluoride out of our water!


To learn more about Water Fluoridation, please go to the FaceBook TN Citizens for Safe Drinking Water.

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